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Trainings Services

Grand Block Technologies offers a wide range of training services in various software, BI & data analytics tools, mobile application development tools, hardware products, AI development tools, and big data & data warehousing solutions. Let's explore each of these training services they provide:

Customer Software Training (Microsoft, Oracle, Redhat, etc.)
Grand Block Technologies provides comprehensive training on various software platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Redhat. This training covers everything from basic software usage to advanced topics like system administration, database management, and software development. Participants can gain proficiency in these technologies to enhance their career prospects and productivity.
BI & Data Analytics Tools Training (Tableau & Power BI)
The company offers training in popular business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools like Tableau and Power BI. Participants can learn to create insightful data visualizations, perform data analysis, and generate reports and dashboards. This training is valuable for professionals seeking to harness the power of data for decision-making.
Mobile Application Development Tools Training
Grand Block Technologies provides training in various mobile application development tools and platforms, such as Android Studio, iOS development with Swift, and cross-platform development with tools like Flutter or React Native. Participants can acquire the skills needed to build mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.
Hardware Products Training (HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.)
The company offers training on hardware products from leading manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, and others. This training may include hardware maintenance, troubleshooting, and system configuration. IT professionals and technicians can benefit from these courses to effectively manage and support hardware infrastructure.
AI Development Tools Training
Grand Block Technologies offers training in AI development tools and frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and scikit-learn. Participants can learn how to develop machine learning models, natural language processing applications, and computer vision solutions. AI development skills are in high demand across various industries.
Big Data & Data Warehousing Solutions Training
The company provides training in big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and data warehousing solutions like Amazon Redshift or Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Participants can gain expertise in managing and analyzing large datasets, which is critical for data-driven decision-making in today's business landscape.

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