Qmatic Solo System

Qmatic Solo System is a self-contained Customer Flow Management Solution. It will organise your customers at the point of entry and guide them through your in-branch workflow, making your operations more efficient and also easier to manage.

Customers select their service on a bright, clear and highly configurable touch or button screen and are issued with a simple identifying ticket that then forms their passport to access your delivery team in the order you determine according to your business needs. In the meantime, the customers are free to browse or just relax as they ready themselves to be served.

Solo therefore brings order to the customer area and allows you to work with customers according to your key business objectives. These include faster and more efficient workflow, ensuring maximum throughput at minimal operational cost, while delivering the higher levels of customer satisfaction. The solution is highly configurable an essential capability to ensure the most effective solution. Different customer groups can be treated selectively according to their needs and your optimum business requirements.

For example; different counters or positions within your branch can deal with specific services according to staff or position capability. Customers are directed according to both their needs and your optimised workflow. The priority of each customer group can be set so that urgent or important customers can be handled more swiftly. Another optimisation is that waiting times for each group can be targeted at the needs of that group so that, for example, those waiting for quick service can be seen sooner. A wide range of options allows the system to be tailored to your business. Digital signage, Management Information and a range of customer-guiding displays are just a selection of the options available to match Solo to your exact requirements.

Because the system is so easy to build and extend these options also mean that Solo will adapt as your business grows and your needs change.

The server printer in a Qmatic Solo system contains a complete system server for a powerful Queue Management System. The only time you need a PC is when you make changes to printer settings or want to read system information.

The printer has a built-in web server. Use any web browser connected to the same network to read information or to change settings.

This is a schematic picture of a large Qmatic Solo System.

Everything you need


Included in a base license.

Management Information

A web-based management page displays all basic information from the system; such as waiting and transaction times for every category and workstation. All that is needed is a computer with a web browser.

Browser Terminal

A web-based program for the basic tasks performed at a workstation, like calling the next number and selecting priority. All that is needed is a computer with a web browser.

Web-based settings

All the settings of the system are done on web-based settings pages from any computer connected to the network. All that is needed is a computer with a web browser.


Four access levels protect the system from unauthorized changes. Each level is protected by a password.


Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.


Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.


It is easy to use any type of font on displays and tickets. Likewise, it is very easy to insert pictures on tickets.

Ticket Editor

A program for designing tickets is included. It runs on any Windows PC connected to the network. With it, it is easy to create ticket designs that include text, pictures and system information.

Staff login

Staff login enables improved follow-up on individual level. Being able to measure the daily operations gives even more possibilities to increase service and improve the customer experience.

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