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To succeed in today’s competitive environment, companies need to innovate, develop and deliver high quality products as well as address the complex needs of a growing business.

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Focus 9 ERP

The global marketplace is constantly evolving and Focus Softnet offers custom-built IT solutions to help companies focus on what they do best, while functioning better and driving business.

Established in 1992, Focus Softnet has a rich history of innovation, expansion and growth. Right from its first product (version), the emphasis was always continuous R&D and team work to ensure the products developed are feature-rich and are based on state-of- the-art technologies. With business associates across the globe, partnering with respected organizations which help leverage optimal performance and technical standards, today Focus Softnet has evolved into a true multinational organization with 26 offices across 17 countries.

As an IT solutions provider with over 25+ years of experience and multi- domain expertise, Focus Softnet’s consulting services and skill-sets are backed by a vast knowledge-base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business. By re-engineering business processes and optimizing resources, developing and deploying user-friendly, flexible and cost-efficient industry specific solutions, Focus Softnet has helped over 1 Million+ users across the globe increase productivity and efficiency.

Focus 9 ERP

Everything you need

The success of any business now largely depends on real-time insight of data that is created the very second. The absence of a scalable infrastructure keeps organizations from achieving the desired goals.

Enable Scalability

The robust nature of the solution allows Focus 9 to adapt to your organization’s size and depth and grow user roles and profiles to suit the organizational hierarchy and structure.

Enable Mobility

The revolutionary new system architecture of Focus 9 brings the power of the ERP to your pocket.

Enable Governance

No matter how disciplined your organization or how robust our system, hierarchical approvals and crisis. escalations are essential for effective business performance.

Enable Efficiency

With all the complexities of business surrounding you, and systems that you need to adhere to, the least we can do is provide an easy to use, intuitive system which is a breeze to operate.

Enable Standards

Be it trading, manufacturing, services, real estate, healthcare, academia or virtually any business environment, we bring our expertise to serve you.

In-memory Computing

Advanced data-processing capabilities provide real-time insights.

Industry Ready Templates

Contains dedicated set of features to support industry specific requirements.

Thin Client

Enables data sharing and generates insights across applications and devices.

Focus 9 Architecture.

Everything you need


Technology has transformed how businesses are operated on the micro and macro levels. Simply having Standard Operating Procedures with well-defined workflows, authorizations, and escalation processes no longer guarantees the exponential growth it once did.

Advanced Financial Management

Accounting by SBU, Advanced Financial Reporting. Auto Intercompany and Intracompany, transactions. Budgetary Control System. Fixed and Variable Allocations, and a lot more...

Sales Management

Attach multiple document of your customer by item and Transaction, Enquiry and Quote Management. Managing Consignment Sales. Order Management, Pricing, contract management and master data management.

Procurement Management

Attach multiple document of your vendor by item and Transaction. Consignment Purchases. Material Return, Rejection and Replacement Management. Management of Advance payments, and a lot more...

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Advance Credit Control System. Auto interest calculations on delayed payments. Customer Appraisal and Rating. Finance terms definition. Payment terms definition and Recurring Auto Invoicing, and a lot more...

Inventory Management

Alternate/Substitute Item Management. Default Sales and Purchase unit by product. Inventory Reservations. Inventory Tracking and Transfers. Product profiling, and a lot more...

Quality Control

QC Requisition. Quantity Breakups for sampling. Rule definition for testing. Sample and Total Test. Test Approvals. User Defined Test Definition.

Manufacturing & Resource Planning

Backward and Forward scheduling Manufacturing & Resource Planning. Batch wise analysis. Capacity Utilization Vs Production. Target Analysis. Define Calendars, Capacities, Work Centres, Bill of materials, and Routes.

Project Accounting

BOQ Vs Actual. Budgeting and Analysis by Labour, Material, Overhead etc. Creation of Phases for each Project. Option to capture project related cost, and a lot more...

Fixed Asset Management

Asset Acquisition and Flexi fields in Master Creation. Asset creation with flexi fields. Auto depreciation posting. Asset Maintenance, and a lot more...

Warehouse Management

Bin Management. Billing Module. Inward receiving process. Masters. Move Process. Outwards. Picklist. Pick and Move on mobile devices.

Retail Management

Auto Replenishment Retail Management. Day End process. Discount Management & Multi level user security and approvals. Membership, Loyalty programs, Rewards and Gift Cards. and a lot more...

Centra CRM

Self-Service Customer Portal. Service Contracts Management. Service Level Agreements (SLA). Team Hierarchies & Territories. Campaign Management & Reporting. and a lot more...

Centra HCM

Recruitment and Onboarding Centra HCM. Payroll and Shift Management. Employee Loans, Advances, Arrears and Leave Management. Performance Appraisal. and a lot more...

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