Smart City DATA Planning

Transform your city with a Smart City masterplan that identifies smart solutions, intelligent systems and digital services that improve efficiency, competitiveness and quality of life.

Smart solutions and intelligent systems are transforming cities to make them more efficient and sustainable, whilst improving the quality of life for their residents. GBT helps you develop aspirational Smart City masterplans to identify the strategies, digital solutions and services that your city needs to overcome administrative, financial and resource limitations.

GBT’s Smart City master planning methodology, coupled with our in-depth understanding of the city challenges, regional nuances, and digital and smart solutions allow us to develop grounded and feasible planning that helps you realise your goals.

A perfect storm for city governments

Today’s cities face a perfect storm of demand for real estate, competition for talent, pressure on existing resources, a growing need for investment and the rising expectations of city stakeholders. All of these factors, and more, must be addressed by city governments, often in the face of reduced budgets. Many city governments are rising to the challenge by taking a fresh look at administration and governance models, service development and delivery, and resilience processes.

Moving towards a Smart City ecosystem

Digital transformation and digitalisation are helping cities to reduce costs and to make better decisions, while saving money, time and effort. Meanwhile, the role of city governments is changing as they look for new business models, enabled by technology, to help them remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth.

Smart City Governments are becoming service orchestrators and information brokers rather than providers of all citizen services. Today’s digital platforms can connect all city stakeholders into a unified ecosystem, facilitating interaction, services and business in a self-sustaining manner.

GBT Smart City Master Planning

GBT has developed a Smart City master planning methodology to address the diverse needs of city planners and governments. It is a methodology that has been refined it over the past decade, as a result of engagements with some of the most ambitious Smart City projects in the world including Dubai, Riyadh and Al Madinah Al Munawwarah.

Our smart city master planning service helps cities define and prioritise their digital initiatives, outline their digitisation roadmap, recognise the value of city data and define the right future architecture for digital transformation.

We can help you develop a blueprint and plan of action that addresses your city’s challenges and achieves your goals.

smart city master planning.

The Smart City Framework

GBT’s holistic planning process ensures that the resulting Smart City masterplans take into account six key dimensions of the across all aspects of life and services: Smart Economy, Smart Environment, Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Smart People and Smart Governance.

Putting stakeholders at the centre

Our Smart City planning is rooted in strategy with technology being an enabler of the strategy rather than a goal in of itself. Our advisory philosophy reflects this by placing the stakeholder experience at the centre of the planning cycle, linked to the ultimate goals of the plan.

Data Practice Advisory Services

GBT’s data advisory services help enable your city’s journey towards becoming a data-driven Smart City with action-oriented reporting and insights at your fingertips. We help align city entities and operations around a single version of the truth, and provide a data framework for easy, automated information sharing and collaboration. This brings new synergies and opportunities for city entities, departments and business partners.

Data is a key component of any city and the foundation for successful digital transformations. When used correctly, technology can offer data insights beyond those that can be created manually. Governments and administrators can gain invaluable intelligence into a city’s efficiency, constituents, operations, services and more.

GBT data services address three critical building blocks

Data Strategy

Manage data as an asset to maximise value

Set data strategy and technical standards to ensure validity and provide quality and consistency for critical decisions

Data Engineering

Detailed planning and execution on the data strategy technology and standards established

Data ingestion and linkage providing consistent data for critical decisions

Use of data and data analysis methods to develop new insights and drive strategic and operational planning

Data Science

Use data science and visualisation to develop new insights and drive data-based decision-making

Skills, technologies and practices for continuous exploration and improvement

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