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Fast-track your digital transformation with NXN's award-winning digital government platform and services.

Never before has government found itself under so much pressure to transform the public sector and the services it provides to citizens and other stakeholders. NXN helps government organisations plan, deliver and manage complex digital transformation initiatives.

We provide expert advice and insights, digital maturity assessments, world-class master planning, implementation and managed services, leveraging our DNX Smart Digital Services Platform. NXN delivers services and solutions to build seamless citizen-centric services, providing a superior digital experience to stakeholders and a foundation that allows you to drive continuous innovation.

The stakes are high

Today, governments understand that digitalisation is not only at the core of transforming the public sector, but it is also a vital component for building the digital economy.

According to the World Economic Forum, 60-70 percent of the new economic value to be created over the next decade will be enabled by digital platforms. Governments that are successful in driving digital transformation across the public sector, introducing smart citizen-centric services and empowering innovation, are well-positioned to reap the benefits of the new digital economy.

Rising expectations

Governments around the world strive to be more responsive to citizen needs, reduce bureaucracy and become more efficient, whilst utilising scarce resources and improving performance. Meanwhile, public expectations for government processes and services continue to get higher and higher. However, promising digital transformation initiatives often fail to deliver the intended benefits due to delays, unforeseen issues and change management challenges.

NXN Public Sector Master Planning

It was once thought that digital transformation could be easily triggered by making technology available and unlocking data to be used. However, it is now understood that successful transformation of government requires a significant change management process. NXN’s master planning process follows a well-engineered blueprint that is based on a the NXN Digital Government Maturity Framework, taking into consideration cultural and economic unique aspects within a society to ensure that the citizen mindset is ready to embrace change. We create actionable roadmaps with clear and measurable KPIs, tailored digital services and provide valuable insights for decision makers. The NXN master planning methodology has been refined over the past decade, as we have helped deliver some of the most ambitious and complex digital transformation projects in the world.

NXN Digital Government Maturity Framework

NXN Digital Government Maturity Framework helps government agencies plan digital transformation projects taking into account all-important business process, technology and human factors.

Digital government.

GBT smart government solutions

At GBT, we take pride of providing globally recognised expert advice services and tailored solutions for digital transformation to local and federal governments that have proven to be second to none.

Our DNX Digital Services Platform

NXN Smart Government services and solutions are underpinned by DNX. The DNX Digital Services Platform integrates cloud infrastructure, data orchestration, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, to seamlessly connect and support your digital applications and services.

Master planning services

NXN's holistic planning process takes into account strategy, goal-setting, business process, technology and human factors.

Advanced technology strategy

NXN is ideally positioned to recommend strategy for embracing disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, biometrics Digital Twins, IoT and UAV applications.

Digital industry consulting

NXN's experience as a planner, developer and operator of advanced digital services, give it unique insight into technology strategy, execution, operation and the impact of digital projects on goals, strategy and budgets.

Data strategy, data analytics & AI

NXN's data practice combines the data strategy and data science expertise with the latest data science and big data technology, equipping it to provide insights into all aspects of business operations.

Managed digital services

NXN's pre-built, pre-integrated digital solutions allow customers to fast-track digital transformation projects and effortlessly embrace new digital services.

Customised digital services

NXN's digital services team create end-to-end custom digital solutions tailored to specific customer context and needs.

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