Digital Transformation Strategies

GBT develops digital transformation masterplans that can both deliver on your aspirational goals and avoid the pitfalls of complex transformation projects.

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Governments, cities and large enterprises are all investing in digital transformation initiatives expecting these projects to drive breakthrough improvements and enhancements for their stakeholders. GBT helps you masterplan aspirational digital transformation projects, identifying the strategies, solutions and services that you need to effectively manage administrative, financial and resource challenges.

GBT’s master planning methodology, coupled with its extensive experience at city-wide and enterprise levels, allows us to create smart, practical and achievable planning that helps ensure successful and timely outcomes.

Smart cities

Smart cities initiatives are driven by the need to tackle long term challenges such as aging infrastructure, increasing pressure on public or social services and climate change. However, cities also face unprecedented environmental and social challenges as more and more people migrate to cities and demand higher standards of living.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), create enormous opportunities to radically change how cities function and deliver value to their stakeholders. However, the knowledge and experience required to successfully plan and implement such technologies is in short supply.

Enterprise digital transformation

Large organisations look to digital transformation to provide them with disruptive improvements and competitive advantages, beyond the incremental benefits of their existing systems. Therefore, increased risk is a fact of life when embracing digital transformation. Moreover, the potential of adopting new technologies to enable new business models, new advantages and greater benefits is often offset by lack of skills, experience and methodologies to effectively plan and implement them.

GBT digital transformation master planning

GBT offers a set of integrated and strategic consulting services, combined with practical expertise in both management consulting and technology consulting, all delivered with a strong focus on simplicity of execution and customer success.

With more than a decade of master planning some of the world’s most exciting digital transformation initiatives, GBT has the expertise and methodologies required to create aspirational masterplans that ensure successful outcomes.

We work closely with you to define and prioritise your digital initiatives, outline your digitisation roadmap, recognise the value of your data and define the right architecture for your future needs.

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