Analytics and Data Visualization Solutions

Data visualization is the representation of data into a visually aesthetic format using pictographs or graphics. Ever emerging as a strong trend, it helps the decision makers to see analytics in a visual form breaking out the details and how they’re affected. Using interactive visualization, you can implement the concept by not only representing information in charts and graphs but also interactively changing what data you see and how it’s processed.

Analytics and Data Visualization

Your data is growing and it’s difficult to wade through it to identify the best way to get around it; Apptad helps you to take advantage of the newest tools to access remarkable insights from your routinely created data. These insights are a company’s window for the manages, business owners decision makers to improve turnaround times and efficiency.

Apptad provides analytics and data visualization experts who can help and provide with data visualization that would enable you to filter, sort and drill down your data into a well-crafted visual story. We can aid in implementing analytics software that supplies rich, visual solutions that guides your data from multiple fronts to reflect on what’s actually going on.

Data Analytics

An actionable partner, Apptad offers comprehensive data analytics services to help transform our clients’ historical or real-time data into meaningful insights. We support the companies that would either like to own their analytic solution or prefer to outsource it to a trusting partner. Hence we offer two models:

  • Implementing a Data Analytics solution: Under this methodology, we facilitate an enterprise-wide analytics solution that is owned by the customer and can continuously benefit from the insight it produces
  • Data analytics outsourcing: Under this wing, the client partners with Apptad to share its data and we take care of the quality, infrastructure, and analysis. Once we finish the data mining, we share the findings and with a list of recommendations on improving the status quo

Data Visualization

Apptad offers data visualization services in a 3 step approach. These are:

  • Consulting and Strategy: This division helps in understanding and mapping business strategy and designing a solution according to your organization needs
  • Development: Using the best data visualization tools available, We use Power BI and Tableau, We develop the solution tailored to your needs

Enterprise BI

  • Custom BI Solutions: We provide customized solutions that are made in line with the individual goals of an organization and don’t stand the limitations of ready-made solutions.
  • Platform-based BI solutions: As a platform based solution, we remove the burden of your BI strategy and customize solutions, plug-in, developed by third-party vendors and integrating them into the business infrastructure and reducing significant costs on custom development

BI Audit

If you’re noticing that your BI platform, irrespective of the development and implementation isn’t fulfilling its purpose or too much information is in the data warehouse that has never been used, and now you’re questioning the quality of the information; then our business intelligence audit service can help you BI system on track and start producing the information you need. The following areas are targeted:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Responsiveness and Compliance
  • Security (Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability)

Why Data Visualization is Important ?

Investment on the future

Investing in an agency providing reliable and demonstrative data visualization tools is an investment into a brighter pixel future. It helps you to command an intelligent visualization of your current efforts and creates an advantageous oversight of the future.

Easy interpretation of Complex Data

Not only a data visualization service helps to keep a check on the business data, but also help in easy digestion of the data allowing users to draw meaningful observation of large sets of data with graphical charts, tables, infographics, maps, etc.

Self Service Reporting

Various data visualizations software’s allows end users in a firm to access all required all information and insights without involving the IT department in the decision making the process. It helps the users to be self-reliant and a data-driven organization.

Faster Action and Decision making

Adding data visualization helps in reporting the data in its true form which helps you in identifying the areas of the business that need attention, along with chalking down the consumer behavior pattern. This furthermore helps to put a perspective on the product strategy and sales volume. Analytics or Data visualization services help to reduce the time turnover on these decisions so that they’re still relevant by the time you implement important changes.

Less Dependency on Spreadsheets

Major of the organizations are still heavily dependent on the spreadsheet programs to track and report data within the organization. Not only they are wasting plenty of human hours on this, but also it can be expensive and still also not as effective or productive. Data visualizations offer real-time data analytics in various formats which allows the user to create reports according to the data fed by the user.

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