Our background

CelebMe is the world’s first interactive platform that combines casual users, NGOs/Charity organizations, celebrities, and the gaming industry. We exist because the world in 2020/2021 has seen unprecedented changes which have resulted in social distancing and funding cuts for charities and NGO’s. Hence we are on a mission to create a positive impact in the world through fun and engaging mediums for our users while providing them the chance to meet and interact with their favourite celebrities.

Our target market

Teenagers and young adults who are interested in casual gaming, the pop culture, and philanthropic causes. Our business model allows us to target a wide range of demographics and fits right in with the 10-35 age group which comprises of the majority of gamers in the world. We are the 1st platform ever that enables teenagers and young adults to easily contribute to philanthropic causes in a fun, exciting way! We are proud to be a platform that caters and provides something for everyone as shown by our working model below.

How it works

Users log into the app on Monday via mobile or web and play throughout the week. We have paid and unpaid membership options and the perks differ according to the chosen membership. Our highly customized fair for all algorithm draws a set number of winners through lots/live drawing on Saturday based on the weekly win rate of our users. Sunday is when the users are provided with the opportunity to meet the celebrities, charities have the opportunity to publicize themselves and their mission among the hype to reach a wider audience.

Exciting features

CelebMe and its built-in features provide something for everyone. Users can enjoy hypes, surprises, and fun game challenges without getting bored or being distracted from their daily activities. They can choose to only play games which would rotate after a set time and be replaced with new ones to keep things fresh. They can help charities and engage with causes that make a real difference in the world. They can share their recorded videos of the stars/celebrities they meet and talk to. The interactive live videos, publicity, social media visibility and frequent promotional opportunities can help build awareness for charity organizations. Our app is the ambassador for:

Doing Good while Having Fun!

Working with you

We require ZERO capital/resources from charities. Instead, 65% of our weekly membership proceeds will go to yourselves to support your cause and provide a guaranteed revenue stream. You choose the celebrities that will be appearing on the app for 7 minutes. You also choose when to participate and the frequency of your participation. We only require the voice of your considerate celebrities. Our flexible participation/partnership models allow us to accommodate your needs for optimal awareness and reach at No Cost.

Working with us

Our background, our market position and our sustainable and socially responsible business model makes us the ideal partner to align with for your cause. We are the first movers to the market. Our team consists of a harmony of highly skilful youths and experienced leaders from around the world. Most of all, we are proud to be fun and kind! Because in a world where you can be anything, let us choose to be kind.

Contact Information

Email: info@gbt.ae
Phone: : +1.602.736.8545; +1.480.267.0358; +971.4.259.9967